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The Ethiopian Cultural Wedding Ceremony

The Ethiopian Cultural Wedding Ceremony – All You Need to Know! Source: myethiopianwedding.com All You Need to Know about the Ethiopian Cultural Wedding Ceremony! The Ethiopian culture is one of the richest in the African continent and has mostly remained unspoiled over the years. As such, the Ethiopian cultural wedding ceremony is a sight to […]

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50 Things You Must Know About Ethiopian Weddings

50 Things You Must Know About Ethiopian Weddings Source: https://allaboutethio.com/50-must-know-about-ethiopian-weddings.html Ethiopian Traditional Weddings (Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, etc.) A wedding is almost always a huge affair, but when it comes to Ethiopian weddings, the magnitude of importance increases exponentially. A wedding is a moment of a lifetime that should be treasured forever hence it should go […]

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Top 10 Ethiopian Wedding Songs 2021

Top 10 Ethiopian wedding songs! Did you want to feel  the vibe of Ethiopian wedding? Check out this list Source: https://myethiopiawedding.com/top-10-ethiopian-wedding-songs/ 10. Mushraw mta This popular wedding song by Solomon Gashabe, released in 2018, is one of the most popular wedding songs at the moment! The vibrant music will have all the guests on their feet! […]

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